So Rulu 2012 is over and to say it right ahead: for me, it was just awesome! It was my first (ruby) developer conference at all and I could really benefit from it.

The organisers of the event have done a very great job. From the introduction, to the talks. From the food (the food was actually pretty awesome!) to the party. I have experienced/contributed to/organized a lot of events (from small to big events) and I can say this one went very well. So congratulations to the organisers.

Beside the great talks I've listened to, I've also met a lot of interesting and great ruby developers. I have gained so much inspiration and discovered a lot of new stuff that I'm definitely going to try out in the next few days or weeks (vim plugins, books, databases and a tons of tools). And I think I finally found my Harajuku moment for starting to learn TDD (yap, I haven't used TDD yet, shame on me). So I can't wait to come back home and start to learn anything about rspec and any other test related stuff.

I also want to add that it was a great experience for me to test my English knowledge that I had accomplished the last few years in school and I think I actually did quite well. In that short time of speaking to other people, it gave me a huge boost of self-confidence and I think if you are in a similiar position as I am you should definitely check out some local or near events where the attendees only speak the language you want to improve. For sure, it needs a lot of courage to talk to foreign people but in the end you only can win. So a big "Thank you" to every French attendee for speaking English (in Switzerland, the most French people I know don't like and are not going to talk to you in English or German, so it's quite difficult to communicate with them. But that's just my experience, please correct me if I'm wrong). Because otherwise I wouldn't have understand anything except of "bonjour", "bonsoir" or "bon appetit".

But enough from my blabla. I have taken a few pictures through the conference and I will just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Welcome to Rulu

Brandon Keepers about Why our Code Smells


Party at Koodeta

Alex Koppel about Sleep!

Rulu lunch

Rulu Goodies

Roy Tomeij on stage

Laurent Sansonetti is talking about RubyMotion

Rod is hungry

Ruby community <3

More food

til next year rulu

Flickr: Rulu 2012

If you are interested in the talks, I think the Rulu organisators are creating videos from the presentations. As soon as they are available, I'll post the link in this blog.