"Honey, don't do it! Please! Please don't! Noooooooo!", screamed my old MacBook Mid 2008, as I clicked on the "Order Now" button to buy the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, slowly but surely knowing that his time has come to move along.

In fact, I needed a new MacBook.

Okay, to correct me, I still need one... It's been 4 weeks now since I ordered that shiny new machine from Apple. But at least I got a message today that my order has been shipped. So hopefully it doesn't take to much time from now on...

And to take that new 15" device with me, I also needed a suitable bag for it. So there is this new online ecommerce platform designer thing, what's his name... ah ja, Etsy. And on this Etsy thing, there are thousands and thousands of designer shops from independant designers and cool people. So I roughly spent 3 hours searching for a messenger bag that looks cool and has enough space for a 15" MacBook. I found a lot of really nice stuff and shops and in the end I've chosen this wonderful item to stick with me for the next few years. The heads behind that bag are Kevin and Ginny from CrawlSpaceStudios. A big THANK YOU to them for making that bag, I really like it.

Ah, and I also bought a tshirt from them. You can take a look at that hilarious stuff in the picture below.

bag and tshirt from CrawlSpaceStudios

Cool stuff, isn't it?