Dear lovely people of the world. I have to tell you something. I love listening to music. Without music, my life wouldn't be the same, I wouldn't be the same. I listening to a lot of music and that means I listening to many different artists, to many different lyrics, to many different tunes and to many different genres. And once in a while I stumble across something special, something that I like from the first few seconds on, something that moves me, something that doesn't let me sleep and I need to listen to it before I can dive into the land of dreams.

This week I found such a gem. The band is called Daughter. I can't get enough of the beautiful and strong melodies, the soft and lovely voice and the stunning and dramatic lyrics.

But enough from me. The best thing I can do right now is to show you a live session from their song Youth. Turn up the volume. Eliminate all background noises. Press play on the video below. Enter full screen mode. Enjoy.