4 years ago I was pleasantly surprised after I've watched that random movie I'd buyed from my local DVD supplier. 90 minutes full of action and a plot which was unexpected intense and gripping. Where I live, they call this movie 96 hours. The world maybe better knows it under the name of Taken.

This week I saw the sequel. And believe me when I say that this film is one of the worst productions Hollywood came up with this year. The dialogues are poor, the action scenes are lame and the whole plot is filled with weird shit which is going on. Like an untrained girl throwing grenades through Istanbul or a revenge seeking father who doesn't care about that his son was a female trader.

But lets talk about the good things: Liam Neeson is still a good actor and he did a good job. At least that good as you can get it out of the script. Because he can't do anything about a bad written story or the weird movements of the camera man, he's just an actor. So he is innocent when you start thinking that he can kill people by simply grabbing them into the face. Maybe Luc Besson thought Chuck Norris is looking for a replacment?

So the conclusion for you is: Don't watch Taken 2. Go watch Looper or Savages. I haven't seen them yet, but I'm one hundred percent sure that these movies aren't the same waste of time as Taken 2 was.


about bad sequels.

One week ago I secretly ranted about Microsoft. One day later I got a present from @yve_cab, Microsoft cereals:

Bild 1

Bild 2

Bild 3

What comes around, goes around. Good move there broham :D

I haven't tried them yet but they do look tasty. Maybe Microsoft should left the Software industry behind and start selling cereals as their main focus.