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How you can help to get more women into tech

November 03, 2012 - startup, railsgirls - permalink

Feyyaz Alingan:

Here at codegestalt we often think about how we could get more people into Rails and programming in general. Online coding courses such as codecademy are basically non-existent in German speaking countries (it would make sense to take the course in English since the programming language uses English vocabulary anyway, but to some people it can still feel like another barrier to entry). So it makes sense to think about ways to solve that problem.

We came up with two solutions (actually just one, and the other came to us.):

  • Talking about our daily life, our programming and startup experience
  • Supporting Rails Girls in Zurich

We need more women in tech. That's for sure. Women think about certain things in a whole different way than men. So we lose a lot of knowledge, ideas and creativity because there aren't enough women around. This is bad and we need to fix that.

The idea behind the article above is very simple, but it isn't always that easy to get women into tech. One cool thing is, we all can help. Everyone who works in tech has the possibility to pursuave their female friends (yes, nerds also have women as friends, especially Ruby developers ;D) and introduce them to the cool world of coding and creating.

So next time there is a Rails Girls event or something similar near you, share it with your friends, tell everyone about it and try to get them onboard. And if there isn't any such event, why no start hosting it by yourself?

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