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I hate developing SharePoint (a rant)

November 01, 2012 - permalink

Adrian O'Connor:

Why is SharePoint so awful? Because it makes great developers average. Take an ordinarily amazing developer — the kind of person that can take your idea and create a beautiful prototype in 30 minutes. Give them SharePoint and watch them wilt. I’ve never seen anybody do anything amazing with SharePoint. I’ve never seen a SharePoint project and thought ‘well, that was quicker than expected’. That’s not all though. SharePoint is one big deception, and that gets my goat. Managers have been lured in by marketing promises of massive ROI, huge time and cost savings, baked-in-functionality and endless other dreams of hollow buzzwords. It’s all bullshit. Every last word.

Finally a .NET developer who thinks SharePoint is bullshit and doesn't step back from saying it out loud.

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