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Hello world. Today I want to introduce you to one of my latest experiments called: Friday is Webday.

You might think:

What the heck is Friday is Webday?

The answer is: I'm not sure yet.

The current idea behind Friday is Webday is to provide my lovely web geek friends with useful proteins like must read blog articles, innovative JS libraries they should check out, web ninjas they should follow and other webby gooides they might find useful.

To bring those informations into the brains of my fellow padawans I'm going to use the force to magically fill spam your inbox every friday with an good ol' newsletter of mine.

Jokes onto the bike (I actually know someone who says that when he wants to get serious)

I'm going to create a weekly newsletter which is filled with web links I discovered (and other stuff I might think a web designer/developer finds use in it) through the week. You can subscribe here.

If you now any article, inspirational quotes or anything else you think could be useful for this newsletter hit me on twitter or write me an email and I will give it a look and mention you in the newsletter.

So now that everything is clear, lets do this!


(If you laughed at that gif don't forget to subscribe ;)