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Day in the Life at Dropbox: Rasmus Andersson

July 14, 2013 - permalink

Rasmus Andersson:

I wish I knew that being a designer is not really a ‘thing.’ In the late 1990s when I had my first job as a designer and knew that this was something I enjoyed doing, I had this sense that there was a designer profile. You know, that a “designer” has a certain kind of computer and likes certain kinds of typefaces. It turns out that typefaces and computers have nothing to do with design, as they are just tools and subject to trends and fashion. I thought that I needed to go to expensive graphic design schools to “become” a designer. If I only knew that I already was a designer and that I had been since I was a little kid, my life would probably look a little bit different. I should just have focused on building the things I enjoyed building.

Everyone of us is in some way already a designer. Making things look nice isn't everything which defines a designer. Designer are creators. Creator of that useful app on your smartphone, creator of that everyday item on your desk, creator of that new haircut on the top of your head, creator of that three little words to say someone how you feel, creator of that wake/sleep cycle called life. You are a creator. You are a designer.

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