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Why Your IQ Matters Less Than You Think

July 24, 2013 - permalink

Focus on the fact that you can learn new things every day which boosts your prior knowledge, a huge part of your overall intelligence. Focus on building confidence through small goals. Remember that you can learn anything anyone else can, and ignore the people who say it’s impossible for you.

I had a lot discussions recently about intelligence and the ability to make something out of your life. The main argument was always that intelligence is something that was given to you when you were born and that you can't do anything about it. That some people just can't break out of their miserable life and strive for something greater. Because, well, they are just not "intelligent" enough.

I always said that I think this kind of thinking is wrong.

First, I don't think intelligence is something that you are born with. Intelligence is something you earn over time. It grows (For more on this, read the linked article above).

But what exactly is intelligence?

Intelligence isn't a number or something you can measure. Intelligence is something very vague, especially when viewed from a overall perspective. To me, intelligence is more defined by the knowledge and interest you have in a certain topic or area.

And knowledge and skills can be acquired over time. If you want to learn something, learn it. Repetition is everything. Some learn slower and some learn faster and that's okay. Darwin, Mozart or Einstein haven't build up their knowledge over night. They built it over years of training and repetition.

Saying this, I think anyone on this planet can learn and achieve anything they want if they have the will to do so.

Ignore your school grades, they aren't that important. Only because you sucked in math at school, doesn't mean you are dumb and can't be a good programmer.

If you aren't happy with your current situation do something about it. Start to gain knowledge. Learn something new. Today! Everyday!

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