Today I want to show you my 10 most used gems which I use for my rails development process and production applications on a daily basis. I hope you find something which you didn't know before. And if so, have fun!

Note: The list order doesn't have any meaning.

1. acts_as_taggable_on

acts_as_taggable_on lets you add (which surprise!) tags to every model in your rails app. Its also possible to add different tag contexts which makes the whole thing pretty awesome. I use it for blog features like tags or categories. Check it out!

2. ransack

The successor of MetaSearch. Easy to setup search functionality for single models. A little bit trickier if you want to search multiple models. But I wouldn't say that if I hadn't a production ready solution for you. Check out this stackoverflow answer if you're looking for something like this.

3. seiten

This is my own little baby. You need some static pages and a navigation to connect them with each other? Don't look any further. seiten has you covered. It's still under heavy development but feel free to fork and send me some pull requests!

4. friendly_id

Probably one you already know but used in almost every single one of my rails projects. friendly_id lets you create pretty URLs based on an object attribute (or a custom method). Use this if you want to improve your SEO within several minutes.

5. truncate_html

Do you had to truncate HTML code before? truncate_html is the drop in solution you need for that task. Let's you for example create easily excerpts for your blog posts or similar things without loosing the markup of your content.

6. redcarpet

redcarpet and pygments.rb are the perfect match if you want to give your rails app markdown functionality with syntax highlighting (just leave pygments.rb alone if you don't need syntax highlighting). WYSIWYG was yesterday, give your users some markdown awesomeness!

7. rack-canonical-host

Do you have multiple domains which point to a single rails application but are downrated by Google because your content is downrated because of "multiple content"? rack-canonical-host gives you the functionality to redirect every additional domain to the "main" domain. I use it for Try it out:,

8. ranked-model

Simple and fast drop in solution if you need sortable lists. Want to order that page list? No problem! Want to order that child pages with that parent page? No problem! ranked-model lets you define several order methods with just a few line of code.

9. font-awesome-sass-rails

The fastest and simplest way to provide your UI with some nice icons during development and in my opinion even beautiful enough for production mode. Otherwise just use them to find out what kind of icons do you need and then purchase a customized pictos font pack.

10. faker

Perfect for creating fake sample data for multiple objects during development. Don't waste your time on short-term data. Plus: sometimes faker can light up your development process with some funny generated names you wouldn't even think of.

Want more?

You can find more awesome gems that I use in my personal link collection. Just input gem into the search box and you will get them all.

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